Semi-Protection MovePro Dark Prognosticus

Erin and Bowser walk to Erin's house. they open the garage when suddenly, the door bends outwards and spikey things come out of the bottom of the door. the concrete on the bottom bends upwards and spikey things come out of it, too. a pair of big eyes come out of the top and point forward, and it stands up on a set of dragon legs it grows. it grows a tail and its front lengthens into a neck and head. it starts breathing fire.

Bowser Vs. Erin's Garage That's Actually a Disguised Dragon

thumb|500px|right|Music to be played during the battle Bowser fires a lazerarrow at the dragon, but it just bounces off. Sabina flies to the block, her hair still standing up from the superdark firelightning zap.
Sabina: hey guys, whatcha doin'? Woah! Erin... your garage is a dragon?!?!?! why didn't you tell me that???
Bowser fires a double lightspeed lazerarrow cannon at the dragon.
the dragon shoots 2 lazer beams out of his eyes. the beams hit Bowser and he flies back into the nearest tree. Bowser opens his dark wings. Bowser starts shooting back with superdark firelightning bolts
Erin: I kinda didn't know, 'k.
Bowser: (While on one side of a crossfire with the dragon) A little help here would be appreciated, Sabina!
Sabina: Oh, right.
Sabina opens her dark wings and takes flight. Erin opens her wings and takes flight. Bowser, Erin, and Sabina all go Superdark. Bowser duplicates the Bolt twice and gives the other 2 to Erin and Sabina. All 3 start firing at the dragon. The dragon starts breathing firebursts at them. Sabina is hit! sabina falls. Sabina gets up. Sabina runs around in circles trying to put the fire out. Bowser pulls out a cat claw and throws it at the dragon. it scratches the dragon
Bowser throws a bucket of water on Sabina. Sabina is extinguished. Sabina takes off again. Bowser pulls out his Dark Saber and molecularly combines it with his Bolt, creating a Superdark Bolt Sword, a blade covered in dark energy and firelightning and able to shoot dark firelightning bolts. this increases the power of the bolts and the sword tenfold. Bowser begins shooting more bolts at the dragon, which appears to be tiring out. Bowser flies up to the dragon and stabs his into it's stomach, and Erin and Sabina shoot bolts at it.
Dragon: *!
The dragon's entire body has 500 quadrillion volts of dark firelightning going through it. the dragon stands up on its back legs. the dragon falls over. The dragon explodes. it then starts raining things from the garage.
Bowser: Now, if that's all over, where's that... *! the couch falls and almost lands on bowser. Bowser carries the couch into Erin's house and puts it down next to the computer. Bowser goes outside.
Bowser: (to Erin) ok, that's done.
Erin: yah, that was a lotta difficulty to get a couch...
Sabina: Since when do garages turn into dragons, anyway???
Erin: Yah, i thought that kinda stuff only happened in continuations of Battle stories.
Bowser: Don't ask me, i have no idea.
Erin: Well, lets go to the park. there's definitely no monsters at the park.
Bowser: Agreed.
All 3 go to the park.
The End
Look now for "Yet Another Bowser Battle", yet another sequel.
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