Semi-Protection MovePro Dark Prognosticus

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Bowser Vs. Sabina

Bowser fires a lazerarrow. Sabina ducks. Bowser runs toward her and yells, "Double lightspeed Lazerarrow Cannon!!!" thousands of lazerarrows all glowing bright red launch out of his lazerarrow cannons so fast that they just look like 2 red beams. Sabina is hit! she flys back into the wall. Bowser quickly makes a invincibility shield and throws it to Erin. Sabina gets up and fires a dark lazerarrow. the lazerarrow hits bowser and knocks him down. he gets up and prepares to fire back. Sabina opens a pair of black robo-wings and flies into the air. the whole room goes dark. all of the darkness pulls into Sabina and she balls up. she swiftly releases all of the dark energy in a 360 degree Superdark Shockwave. Bowser is thrown back into the wall as is everyone else in the room except Erin. Bowser gets up and blows up a Bob-omb in his hand. he retracts the explosion and supercharges the resulting ball of energy. he then breaths fire on it and absorbs it. he covers himself with dark energy and goes superdark. he extends his anamanthium blades and activates his own pair of dark wings. he takes off and starts chasing Sabina and firing lotsa lazerarrows. Sabina swerves around each and every one! Bowser decides to use his superdark powers. Bowser pulls out Zeus's bolt and energizes it with all of the dark energy and fire and lightning of his superdark self, thereby going unsuperdark. he fires a bolt of darkfirelightning. the bolt hits sabina squarely in the back. Sabina falls. Sabina struggles to get up and then fires a dark lazerarrow a bowser. Bowser pulls out a really long strangely metallic looking rope and lassoes it around Sabina. Bowser starts running around in really fast circles around Sabina until she's totally tied up.

Sabina: okay, so you tied me up. whaddaya gonna do, rope burn me to death?
Bowser: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's not Rope!!!
Sabina: What is it then?
Bowser: Low-resistance Copper Wire.
Sabina: *looks at the Bolt with a sudden realization* Oh, crud...
Bowser: *points Bolt* Bye-bye

Bolt fires and hits target with precision. in a big explosion, Sabina disappears.

Erin: What happened to her?
Bowser: I sent her to another dimension.
Erin: Kool.
Bowser: Yup. I'll show you how sometime. now, let's go get that couch...

The End

Look for Another Bowser Battle, the sequel.